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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your toilet or sink gurgling and draining slowly? Does it gurgle at random times of the day and night?

This is a clear indication that your drains are partially or fully blocked, water is trying to force its way down the drain but due to the blockage it’s choking and creating negative pressure causing the drain to gargle and pull air in. Back siphon age occurs and drags air with it. This will need to be attended to as soon as possible to prevent a solid blockage.

A CCTV camera inspection can also be conducted to ensure all blockages are removed

Why is their water overflowing outside/On the side of my property or shower/Bathtub?

The reason why sewerage is overflowing on the side or back of your property or backing up your showers/bathtub Indicates their is a main blockage in your sewer/Stormwater line. The reason it’s overflowing is because the shower/external ORG (Overflow Relief Gully) are the lowest points in your draining system.

ORG”s are a safety feature in the draining system and shouldn’t be overflowing with water if they are then you must contact a plumber ASAP to rectify the issue.

What to do if I have tree roots in my sewer/stormwater pipe?

If your drains keep getting blocked due to roots growing on the inside you have 2 options to remove them.

OPTION 1: is to conduct a CCTV drain camera inspection and locate the opening of where they’re penetrating, mark the depth and dig the section of pipe infested with roots and replace them. We understand that can be costly especially if located under concrete/decking or hard to reach areas that’s why we offer

OPTION 2: locate the area infested with roots, with a live drain camera we can provide wall to wall drain cleaning with our carbide penetrating flex shaft chain knockers. These work well when we’ve pierced the blockage with our hydro jet machine and want to remove those roots in awkward hard to reach areas. We provide scheduled maintenance to make sure roots in your drained are cleaned every 6 months/Yearly

What is a pressure limiting valve and do I need one installed on my property? What happens if I don’t?

Pressure limiting valve is a safety device installed on a residential and commercial water supply lines mainly at the meter, They restrict and limit water pressure to a safe KPA rating which on a domestic property in Victoria is 500kpa maximum to suit Regulation and standards.

If a property doesn’t contain a Pressure limiting valve then you put your houses water supply and fixtures at risk, High water pressure from the main supply in the street will be forced into your home resulting in added strain on all your taps/washers, Mixer taps, Dishwashers, Fridges and all other fixtures resulting in a possible burst or a quick wear and tear of the components.

High water pressure is also the major cause for water hammer inside a property in which when taps are closed a loud thumping sound is heard within the line.

Why does my toilet consistently run with water?

Water is making its way into your toilet bowl, this shouldn’t be the case when not in use if water is seeping through it either indicates a faulted inlet fill valve in which it does not stop filling and overtops in the overflow pipe or a faulty outlet valve on the toilet in which it doesn’t seal the water in the cistern.

I see a yellow stain on my ceiling and can hear/see water drops seeping through, do I have a roof leak?

If it’s only leaking when it rains then you definitely have a roof leak and need one of our plumbers to assist you and rectify the problem. If it’s not raining but still leaking than most likely you have a pipe leak in the ceiling area which will need further investigation, contact us to speak with a licensed professional

I smell gas in my property what should I do?

Contact us ASAP and we will schedule a licensed gas plumber to your property. He will be able to conduct a gas test in which if you do have a leak a further search and investigate will be conducted in order to find the leak. Once the leak has been found if accessible will be rectified

Do you guys serve all of Melbourne?

Yes we serve all of Melbourne and cater to all your emergency plumbing needs, we understand most people desire a certain plumber from our company so we will try our hardest to allocate them to your service!!

Do you guys offer free callout fees?

During business hours if you proceed with the price given for repairs when plumber is on site the callout fee is waived and you don’t have to pay it. During our Emergency after hour service we do charge callout fee for a Qualified licensed plumbing technician to arrive at your property

Do you guys give quotes or prices over the phone?

We don’t give prices for repairs over the phone unless a qualified licensed plumber has arrived at your property and assessed the job and works necessary in order to be complete. We don’t give surprises-with our quotes all our prices are upfront and honest

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